Our Reboot Programs lead you into meaningful and purposeful work by guiding you to clarity and self-awareness about your passion, purpose, values, drivers and strongest desires; to a place where you feel truly empowered.

Welcome to Career Reboot

Do you ever feel stuck, confused or unsure of how to move forward in your career?

A consistent statistic shared by news and business sites worldwide repeatedly indicate that 70% of people are unhappy at work. Are you part of the 30% or 70%?

Whether you want inspiration to make a complete change, or whether you are choosing between options in your current role, the Reboot programs will benefit you.

The uncertainty of whether you are on the right career path can be exhausting, creating stress and making you lose focus. This makes it impossible for you to make smart decisions and will impact on all the other areas of your life and relationships.

When I was looking to make a change, seeking clarity for myself and trying numerous paths to get the answers, I invested in many methods, techniques and programs to find clarity.  Eventually I was able to make the changes that brought me to where I am today, working in my passion and inspiring others to do the same.

I've gathered the three key things that worked and put them together into a program for you so you don't have to go searching for as long as I did.

The Career Reboot helps you get clarity, identify your own values, boost your self awareness, increase your confidence, refocus and choose the right path for you.

In essence, I guide you to finally achieve all you want to!

For leaders and business owners, our most recent program, the Team Reboot, is an effective blueprint that is personalised for your business and your team and delivered in a way that optimizes talent; a win win for both you and your team.

(PLEASE NOTE:  All client information is treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared. Career Reboot comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.)

Career Reboot Founder

Brenda is an experienced Career Development Coach, Professional Speaker, Author and founder of the Career Reboot, Confidence Reboot, Leadership Reboot and the dynamic Team Reboot.

With 20 years Recruitment, Coaching and HR experience, Brenda certainly understands people in depth. Add to this a Post Grad Dip in Career Development, International Accreditation in Energy Management, and her passion for mental wellness; and the result is a very motivated, driven and empathetic coach, who guides people to a whole new level of self-awareness and clarity.

Behind all of her success, there is another story.  Brenda wasn't always the confident successful family and business woman you see today.  Coming from decades of feeling self-doubt and unworthy; living through many destructive years of sabotage, Brenda has researched her topics thoroughly to be able to bring to you the Reboot programs today, designed from a place of experience, sometimes desperation, and now a strong desire to do whatever she can to positively impact on the mental health of our nation.

Self-awareness is the catalyst for change and this is the foundation of all of the Reboot programs, taking people toward clarity and decisiveness, precision engagement, focus and success..

We spend a lot of time at work.  Let's do what we love!



"Brenda, you are truly talented! With your skillful guidance, insight and encouragement I have been able to tap inside to get to the root of what is important to me in taking the next step in my career. I feel really good about the process and working with you has enabled me to calmly take the right path towards my future. I can’t thank you enough!

Michelle Booth, Auckland

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