Knowing your Values is Beneficial

All our Reboot programs are based around increasing self-awareness as we wholeheartedly believe that self-awareness is the catalyst to change.  When you can name your values, you get awareness about what is driving your life and where you are in your own personal development. With increased self-awareness, you can begin to make conscious choices about how you live and …

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How old are you?

Ageism is discrimination against persons of a certain age group with a tendency to regard older persons as unworthy or even worse, unsuitable for employment. It is generally based on assumptions and stereotypes of a particular age group. Some say it’s come about because of the increased emphasis and value on the youth population. All the talk …

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Ten things you could do to change your job search outcome

Long lost etiquette Having spent much of my career in recruitment and career coaching, I’ve watched over a few decades now how etiquette appears to be slipping away.  The most basic respect and appreciation, you know that stuff your parents taught you?  Remember you’re pleases and thank you’s, elbows off the table and one of …

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