Career Coaching is a simple process that yields outstanding results. Together, we focus on your experience and talents to help you zero in on your unique strengths. We discuss your career in a way that highlights your core values and strongest drivers to guide you to your purpose.

Once you take the time to focus on yourself and invest in your career, ideas flow and exciting possibilities reveal themselves. It never ceases to amaze me how, armed with new-found clarity, job opportunities and business ventures materialise for my clients. I’ve seen it happen countless times.

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The Career Reboot is a thoughtfully designed process that reveals the answers to so many questions. Our live sessions are conducted online at an agreed time via Zoom. During the process, I guide you step by step. All that’s required of you is to turn up, answer questions about your career, and allow the process to unfold naturally.

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    We begin by reviewing your career to date, reflecting on your achievements and challenges. This kicks off the process of clarifying your unique strengths and core values. Our free-flowing discussion will yield all of the information we need. It sounds easy because it is! All of the answers are already within you. It’s just a matter of coaxing them out.

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    Next, we focus on clearing any outdated limiting beliefs that live inside your subconscious relating to career success and what you are capable of. Often these old beliefs are tied to confusion, doubt and fear.

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    Now it’s time to clearly identify your next steps.  We guide you through a process to identify with your purpose, your why, your passion.  This ensures you create and attract only what you truly want!  The real magic of session three is in the second half where we take you through a process to connect with your own specific set of core values


Our Reboot programs guide you to become a self-expert. You will understand yourself and what path you wish to take, now or in the future, at a whole new level. The process empowers you with the tools to design a pathway for professional development and make your dream career a reality.

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