Career Reboot

I met Brenda in a recruitment interview years ago and she impressed me with her care to understand who I was and why I was applying for the role. We chatted in a cafe about family, art & design, the zig-zagging of my career to this role. There weren't trick questions or judgments to navigate - as so often happens in agency interviews.

So, earlier this year when I was desperate to make a work/life change, Brenda's name popped up in conversation. Once again, approachable, easy to chat to. I knew I needed to re-evaluate my career, but had no idea what change looked like exactly or how to get there. It seemed so overwhelming and unobtainable.

The best recommendation I can give is that two months later, I'm now super clear on my direction, have been able to re-frame my job with my employer's support, so I can take all the good things I love doing and am good at, while making time for myself on new creative challenges. 

Maree Koroitamana, New Zealand