Career Reboot Premium Coaching Package

I had no clue what I wanted to do, I was full of conflicting ideas and dreams but no way of narrowing it down. I felt the pressure to be moving forward with a 'career' and I wasn't even sure what that meant to me. I was stuck in a job where there was no career progression and I felt like my days were wasted.

After my coaching with Brenda, I had a vision, a plan and had started my passion of drawing again. I started my Instagram and Facebook account and was very enthusiastic.

Brenda has helped me so much. My confidence in myself has increased and we have now narrowed down my focus to my artwork. I have always had a passion for Art but have always fought against it because I truly believed that you can't always get what you want.

1 year.. to date.. I have now quit my job that was holding me back, I have started with a new company that perfectly aligns with my values and supports my own goals and I have taken the leap of faith to push my Art career.

This would never have happened without the continuous support and encouragement from Brenda. She is actually the best.

Georgina Sherman, Auckland NZ