Leadership Reboot

21-day online leadership development coaching including 3 x 90 minute individual coaching sessions via Zoom.

Our Leadership Reboot has been designed to give leaders time to focus on themselves and set goals to be more effective, purposeful and strategic on their own career path.

Clients are typically team managers, business owners or entrepreneurs requiring renewed clarity and focus, a boost of motivation and an energetic review of both short and long term goals, purpose and values.  In essence, they are seeking to clarify where to take their career in the longer term and what's next?  NZ$690.

Our Premium Coaching Package includes a 90 day coaching and support program. NZ$1,950

I've recently been through a phase in my career where I needed to make some changes but didn't have a clear path to go on. The Leadership Reboot process helped me get some much-needed clarity and to make some decisions that were right for me and my career. My sessions with Brenda were invaluable in helping to get a better understanding of not just my career needs but of my goals and priorities in my wider life. I'm happy to recommend Career Reboot to anybody at a crossroads in their career or just needing a fresh look at their working life.   Mike Roulston, Senior Architect, Auckland NZ

Career Reboot

This 21-day online career development coaching program includes 3 x 60-minute individual coaching sessions via Zoom, email support for the duration of the program, and tailored exercises.

The Career Reboot guides you to become a self-expert. You will understand yourself and what you want to do on a profound new level. The process empowers you with the tools to go out there and make your dream career a reality.

Clients tap into clarity of their their strengths, what they are passionate about and core values.  Many also report less self-doubt, renewed confidence and career clarity & ideas.  NZ$450.

Our Premium Coaching Package includes a 90 day coaching and support program. NZ$1,250

Team Reboot: Team Optimization Program

Our Team Reboot blueprint is a 90 day program that blends individual coaching with the team or business owner, 1:1 work with team members, talent optimization workshops and a follow up plan.

More information available here

Confidence Reboot

Now available online here