Talent Optimization

Creating Growth through Awareness

In a world filled with demands, distractions and less meaningful connection, we are seeing many issues turn up in our workplaces and our mental health statistics skyrocket.  Higher levels of stress are being reported, numbers of people being bullied and harassed continues to rise and statistics about unhappiness in the workplace are disheartening.

Something needs to change and it starts with each and every one of us.

Brenda delivers an engaging and thought provoking presentation that will inspire the audience to tap into their inner reservoir of thoughtfulness and strength; then inspire a higher level of engagement, performance and collaboration from their team.

With 20 years Recruitment, Coaching and HR experience, Brenda certainly understands people in depth. Add to this her Post Grad Dip in Career Development, International Accreditation in Energy Management, ongoing studies of the human brain and her passion for mental wellness; and the result is a very motivated, driven and empathetic consultant and speaker, who guides people to a whole new level of self-awareness, self-belief and ultimately, self-care.


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    Mindfulness and growth

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    Clarity and sense of purpose

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    Confidence and a more engaged workforce

Availability as a Speaker

Brenda’s presentation is available in a 20-minute format, 45-minute keynote and she is also available to discuss workshop delivery specifically for your team.

Brenda inspires by sharing her story, and the technique she has designed from years of research and testing.