I met Brenda in a recruitment interview years ago and she impressed me with her care to understand who I was and why I was applying for the role. We chatted in a cafe about family, art & design, the zig-zagging of my career to this role. There weren't trick questions or judgments to navigate - as so often happens in agency interviews.

So, earlier this year when I was desperate to make a work/life change, Brenda's name popped up in conversation. Once again, approachable, easy to chat to. I knew I needed to re-evaluate my career, but had no idea what change looked like exactly or how to get there. It seemed so overwhelming and unobtainable.

The best recommendation I can give is that two months later, I'm now super clear on my direction, have been able to re-frame my job with my employer's support, so I can take all the good things I love doing and am good at, while making time for myself on new creative challenges. 

Maree Koroitamana, New Zealand

Everyone will need a confidence boost at some point. Through Brenda's confidence reboot I have understood that no matter how confident I think I am or how confident I perceive other people ....there is power in reassuring our confidence levels. Brenda's Reboot format and the inclusion of EFT as a confidence tool is right on point. If one is feeling confident then you will attract positive people and the right decisions. I can testify to this working for me in my personal and working life. Confidence is key and Rebooting it sustains it. I highly recommend this topic facilitated with Brenda's wisdom and compassion.

Anonymous, Auckland NZ

When my role was made redundant due to a restructure, and a friend recommended Brenda at Career-Reboot to me, I was feeling very upset and emotional, my confidence had taken a huge knock and I was struggling to face applying for jobs and interviews. Brenda was amazing - she was so empathetic and she helped me find calmness with the EFT technique, identify my strengths and build up my confidence again.  Not only did she do all of this, but she has shown genuine concern and interest and has continued to follow up.  I feel like I not only gained a coach but a friend.  I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to build their confidence or help identify their next career steps.

Denise of NZ

I had the chance to work with Brenda on a long term career planning exercise. She is a perfect blend of knowledge, thinking outside the box with a clear vision. At the very nominal cost, what she does is a fresh air to NZ professionals and would highly recommend her.

Mohammad Rahman, Senior Engineer (Auckland)

Brenda, you are truly talented! With your skillful guidance, insight and encouragement I have been able to tap inside to get to the root of what is important to me in taking the next step in my career. I feel really good about the process and working with you has enabled me to calmly take the right path towards my future. I can’t thank you enough!

Michelle Booth, Physiotherapist, Auckland NZ

Thank you so much for your much needed help in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and boosting my self-confidence. You are an endearing and well-meaning person of great conviction and sincerity and you have definitely helped me to realign my thinking and direction.

All the while during the Career Reboot process with you it has been uncanny that I have had several interviews and progressed through to the final stages for two roles, and then secured a role, albeit a short term open-ended contract.

Phil Cole, Property Professional, Auckland NZ

Brenda, Just a brief note to thank you for your help with my interview anxiety issue.  EFT has been of considerable benefit and it's a relief to feel like my old self again. I begin a short term contract shortly and there is a possibility of a second interview with another company.  I watch the video you created for me every morning and start the day in a very confident way. My anxiety medication has also been reduced.

Paul de Beer, HR Professional, Auckland NZ

I recently completed a Career Reboot program with Brenda.  The course was very informative and insightful.  Brenda made me feel at ease straight away. 

I was skeptical about EFT (tapping) but I followed the EFT instructions and found my levels of anxiety reduced.  I then felt more confident applying for other jobs. I have no problem in recommending Brenda with her Career Reboot program.

Nyree Sherman, Auckland

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“I went into my first session with Brenda a little skeptical not really knowing what to expect, which left me all the more astounded when I left feeling like a whole new person. 

She helped to unearth and articulate the feelings from an experience. I didn’t realise the extent to which it was weighing me down until she helped clear it away and in my core I felt more – what I can only describe as –emotionally free.

The session seems to have been the start of an upwards spiral of positivity. I found my perspective on life to be clearer, and looking after myself has been so much easier since. With the newfound clarity, I gained the courage and drive to leave my job which I found to be consistently emotionally draining. An incredible opportunity came up when I least expected it and I’m now doing fulfilling work in my field of expertise in an environment I love. Going to work is no longer something that plagues me with dread, but is something I wholeheartedly look forward to. 

Through this process, Brenda has been incredibly supportive, understanding, sensitive and strong. She is so easy to talk to and even the issues I feel most shameful or hard to discuss, I know can share with her without any fear of being judged or degraded. 

Thank you, Brenda! Your work has been a godsend. It sounds cliche, but I really do have a whole new lease on the exciting journey that is my life.”

Anna B

When I met Brenda I was extremely frustrated and unsatisfied with my work and the direction of my career. The thought of another 30 years in a job I wasn't passionate about filled me with dread. Throughout her coaching programme, Brenda was patient, warm and kind. We worked through various aspects of my fears and most excitingly my passions and she guided me to find the answers within myself. I'm now looking forward to some exciting changes in the years ahead and I am confident that I am finally on the path that is right for me!

Laurianne E

When I first met Brenda, I was lost and a bit overwhelmed with the sense of failure. I had completed my degree and have a job in the field, however I have no job satisfaction and feel like I’m not achieving anything substantial or worth while.

I decided things needed to change so I got in contact with Brenda and we started our first session. It became clear very quickly that I have a lot of supressed issues and feelings that often cloud my vision and are effetively blocking me from achieving my goals.

I can honestly say that I had never heard of EFT Tapping before and I did feel unsure about it working but decided to put complete faith in Brenda. To my surprise, after the first session I felt a whole lot lighter and clearer. Perhaps not bam thats what I want to do clear, but definitly clear enough to see that EFT would be useful in helping me achieve my goals. When we tapped, sometimes ideas would come and sometimes I would just feel calm.

We have now worked to a spot where I am very clear in what I want to do and we are working on implementing the steps for me to achieve this.

Working with Brenda has been a unique yet enriching experience. Being able to bounce ideas of someone and to offload a bit of energy is very helpful and Brenda takes it to the next level in her service of career coaching. She has slipped into the role as a mentor and friend for me and I am very glad I took this opportunity.


Georgina S (Auckland)


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